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Grading Tool Updates

We have made a few adjustments to the Grading Tool. It has received a visual update and has several new features. These changes will be available to Site Managers on the preview site on Friday, March 9th, 2018. The changes will be live on March 21, 2018, when it will be available to any of your users who have access to the Grading Tool, such as Instructors. 

The improvements and new features include:

  • Enrollment Number and Date
  • Opt to display the grade on transcripts (e.g. My Grades) with the "Display on Transcript" toggle
  • Alert regarding incorrect entries (e.g. a grade value)
  • Pagination
  • Search and filter functionality
  • Export to Excel, CSV, and HTML file formats

The Grading Tool now features dynamic saving that lets you edit grades and comments, saving just the edited entry as required.


The Is Graded filter defaults as Marked when using any of the following filters Grade, Comment, Display On Transcript, and Enrollment Number.


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