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Informetica's learning management system (LMS/LCMS) platforms are offered on the SAAS (software as a service) model so you benefit from hosting that delivers exceptional access, security, and reliability. 

Your LMS, Our Responsibility

Let our specialists take care of concerns like backing up your learning content and users, connectivity, system upgrades, and security. You can concentrate on the other important things that need your attention while knowing that your content is accessible via a secure and available learning management system.  

State of the Art Data Centres

Enjoy a hosting solution the employs the latest technologies offered in today’s market with a guaranteed 99% up-time. Benefit from secure, reliable hosting using best practices in data back-up and security.  We are an enterprise solution able to support a high volume of concurrent user activity and we currently serve over 1,000,000 users world wide. 

World Wide Service

We offer shared web hosting & dedicated servers from Canada for clients worldwide. We have servers and experienced support staff located at our home office in Thunder Bay, ON and we and own our data centre. We take your intellectual property seriously and hold ourselves accountable for the performance of our data centre.

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