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Informetica for eLearning Course Providers

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Do you develop online courses and need a secure method to deliver these courses to your corporate clients?  One of our largest growing industries is with companies that offer eLearning courses to corporate clients. The Informetica learning management system (LMS/LCMS) will protect your intellectual property while still providing your clients with manager access to reports on their training initiatives. 

Make Each Campus Unique 

Informetica's powerful campus settings, tools and features can be custom-configured to fulfill their exact needs, which keeps your customers coming back for more. You are able to provide each client campus with its own branding and messaging.  Each can have different language preferences set, as well as customized automatic email alerts, course libraries, certification paths, and registration methods. If your client has a unique request, our expert team is able to provide futher customizations.

Easy to Manage

Informetica delivers innovative training solutions affordably and efficiently, taking far less time for your administrators to manage. Your client's "campus managers" have their own set of tools to ensure they can easily purchase more from you with a click of a button!  


Additional Benefits

The features below can be uniquely configured for each campus:

  • Setup unlimited campuses with multiple user groups
  • Create various course libraries
  • Create various store fronts unique to each campus
  • Develop your course within Informetica with its course creation tools
  • Perform assessments and surveys
  • Create certification paths
  • Issue certificates
  • Create language preferences
  • Customize automatic reminders and notifications
  • Monitor credentials
  • Create global and user-group calendars
  • Implement customized reporting and tracking
  • Apply time constraints to specified activities
  • Supply Instructor-led course registrations
  • Provide users with browser-based access for 24/7 service with no additional software
  • Scale user accommodation to fit your needs, up to 100,000+ users
  • Perform scheduled and manual data back-up
  • Protect against viruses, unauthorized access and loss of data
  • Integrate smoothly with your other software applications
  • Unique registrations incuding Single Sign On (SSO) capability
  • Download courseware to CD
  • Export courseware to SCORM


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