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Informetica can empower you to use your existing systems and processes to ensure that data is updated across your systems. We provide Single Sign On (SSO) and web-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create the system interactions needed to perform these processes in real time using a single login.

Custom Integrations

One of the greatest strengths of the Informetica learning management system (LMS/LCMS) is our team’s vast experience in custom integrations with external systems and 3rd party software. We consider custom integrations to be a core value that we provide to our clients better than anyone else on the market.

Feel free to contact us with any requests or questions you have about LMS integration with 3rd party systems. Below are a few of the systems which have been successfully integrated with Informetica. logo True Labs logo KnowledgeFactor logo Moneris logo Hatsize logo Skillsoft logo Paypal logo PeopleSoft logo Salesforce logo iCalendar logo
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