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Introducing Proctored Tests and the new Proctor User Type

We have added proctored testing capability and introduced a new user type to facilitate proctored exams

Proctored Testing

You can now configure Prova Tests to be administered under supervision.Creating a proctored exam requires that a Proctor user must authorize the exam by entering their Informetica password before the user may attempt the test.  



Proctors are a new user type created for the purpose of authorizing supervised tests. If the user launches a proctored a test, they will see a password protected screen. The Proctor must enter their own Informetica password to allow the user to access the test. A proctor must repeat this process for each test attempt. Proctors belonging to the same campus and user group as the test taker may authorize a test. Visit the User Roles and Permissions document to see which permissions the new Proctor user has available.  

Request Proctor Capabilities for Your Site

If you wish to have this new functionality for your site, please enter a SRS ticket to request Proctored Testing and Proctor User Types.

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