Access Code Management Redesign

The Access Code management utility has been redesigned bringing with it some added functionality and new features. 

This redesign is available now on your preview sites and will be live on October 22nd and is available to Site Managers and Campus Admins/Organization Managers based on your site configuration. 


Added Functionality

The Access code page now lets you:

  • sort using the headers
  • filter and save your searches
  • export the page or filtered results to excel, xml, and html
  • view credits, debits, and balances

Changes from the Old Design

  • description is now only seen in detailed view
  • bundles and user groups has been moved over to the left
  • new edit split button

New Feature

We've also added the capability to copy access codes. The copy tool will copy over bundles and user groups assigned to an access code. The copy feature is located on the edit split button. Full details will be available in the user manuals under the Access Codes chapter soon.