Exit Navigation Added to Prova Tests

We have introduced a way for end users to choose which Informetica page they would like to navigate to when exiting a Prova test before completing it.

Previously, users were redirected based on a number of factors, including course configurations and default exit functionality. Now, when a user attempts to exit a test before completing it, a pop up alert will ask them where they wish to navigate to. The example below shows all navigation possibilities, however, the options available are based on course and test configurations. For example, if your course does not use the Introduction page, or if the Prova test were the last item in the course, then those options would not be available for navigation. The Home/Exit test option will always be available and users can opt to close the pop up if they wish to stay in the test.

Tests configured to use "Show Section Feedback" will allow users to review their answers before submitting them. This update has added a pop up alert so that users cannot exit the test without completing this review and submitting their final answers.


Clients who are using the Prova Testing Engine will see these changes on Preview sites on May 30th and it will be live on June 4th.