Informetica's Administrative Features


Our complete built in storefront solution allows you to sell eLearning courses as well as offline items. Informetica’s eCommerce module offers a full range of reports and can be an essential tool to help you realize a strong return on investment for your training goals and objectives.

Multiple Campuses

Create multiple campuses each with its own administrators, languages, branding, navigation labels, and system messages to create a different learner experience for each campus. Create as many campuses as you like all on one Informetica license.

Preview Site

We provide a preview site, which is a sandbox mirror of your production site. The preview site allows the flexibility of troubleshooting and manipulating of data without affecting the production site and data. Content and user related data can also be reviewed on the live site before being made active.

Report Engine

Choose from over 25 pre-set reports that cover a wide variety of activity, information, and user-related data. All reports are in real time and can be viewed within a browser or exported in HTML and Excel formats.

Download a complete list Informetica's capabilities and user privileges

User Roles and Permissions Comparison