Informetica's Course Creation Features

Assessment and Surveys

With our assessment tool, you can create surveys and assessments using Likert Scale style settings, allowing you to gather opinions, measure skill-sets, apply pre-screening assessments to potential candidates and conduct employee evaluations.

Course Building Tools

Our powerful course building tools lets even non-technical users quickly and easily create content. You can format text, insert media files such as video and photos, add hyperlinks, paste from Microsoft Word, insert tables, insert CSS, import SCORM, and more.


Build a group of courses with defined due dates that are required materials for your learners. Curriculum is set up with a a list of required course items for a group of users with a specific a classification (such as IT Professional).

Tests and Evaluations

Create tests that apply the rules you define for a successful training and/or certification environment. Apply passing criteria such as grades and prerequisites, randomize answers, use multiple question types, incorporate multimedia, and more.

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