R208 Completion Filters

Posted on 3/26/2015 2:07:00 PM

We've made a couple of reporting improvements that we'd like to share with you. These improvements affect R208 and several reports that report on Prova test publishes.

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R604 New Login Trend Report

Posted on 1/3/2017 3:36:00 PM

We are excited to announce a new report, R604 Logins - Trends. It's perfect for clients who would like to know the peak and off-peak times of user traffic on their system. The responsive, mobile-friendly report provides the total and average number of LMS logins within a defined date range. R604 also graphs daily and hourly averages.

This report can be made available for you to review on preview sites on January 13, 2017. R604 will be live on January 25, 2017 when it will be viewable by enabled account types who have access to the report.

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Course Creation

Posted on 10/26/2016 1:22:00 PM

We've added a new Quick Start Guide to the Site Manager Resources page. The newly published one-pager will be useful to our clients who have course authors creating content in their Informetica solution. 

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Excel Report Issue

Posted on 5/17/2019 2:56:00 PM

Microsoft released security updates that prevent HTML files with .XLS  extensions to be opened natively. This may not affect all clients, but only those who have recently installed one of the three Microsoft updates. For Informetica, this means that reports exported to Excel are affected. This is not a bug that Informetica introduced and it affects several other non-Informetica applications. 

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Scheduling Tool

Posted on 6/24/2016 9:27:00 AM

We are pleased to announce a new instructor led training feature in Informetica called the scheduling tool. The scheduling tool lets instructors and administrators easily offer in-person sessions such as: classroom courses, face-to-face instruction, and blended learning. Multiple sessions can be created from one product without making a copy of the product.

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Media Links Added

Posted on 2/19/2016 11:22:00 AM

We have improved the method for creating links to uploaded files in Informetica by adding a link tool to files within the media library. 

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Accounts Manage Page Filter

Posted on 12/18/2015 10:15:00 AM

A new configuration is available for the Users > Accounts page. This alternate page view presents Site Managers with a filter page instead of loading the entire user list. This alternative is particularly useful for clients with a large number of accounts since it improves performance by eliminating the wait time for the user list to load. 

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SCORM Issues using IE11

Posted on 3/23/2015 9:49:58 AM

Do you have users attempting SCORM courses that are experiencing issues while using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)? Some of Microsoft's security changes to their latest browser may affect the performance of some SCORM pages. This is a universal problem encountered that is not unique to Informetica. Some of our most commonly reported issues include:

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Sort Options for Accounts Page

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We have added new sort options to the Accounts Managment Screen that allows Site Managers to sort by Last name or by ID. The filter will be visible on your live sites on Wednesday, March 11th, but you can view it on Preview sites now.

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We have added proctored testing capability and introduced a new user type to facilitate proctored exams

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