Reporting Updates - R208 Progress Filters and Prova Test Publishes

We've made a couple of reporting improvements that we'd like to share with you. These improvements affect R208 and several reports that report on Prova test publishes.

Changes to Report R208 Completion Filters

Changes to the progress filters in report R208 have simultaneously made the report filters more robust, more comprehensive, and removed a tendency for date conflicts that could be encountered using the old filters. You will see these changes in Step 3 of the report wizard  starting on April 1st. 

Before Filter Selection
All Filters Selected


Report Prova Test Publishes as One Result

You asked and we listened! There is now a toggle to allow reports to roll all of the publishes of a Prova test into one result. To enable this feature, insert a check in front of the Group Published versions option. Note that reports now group publishes by default.


This feature is available on the following reports: 

  • R103
  • R107
  • R202
  • R204
  • R208
  • R220
  • R221