SCORM Compatibility Issues With IE11

Do you have users attempting SCORM courses that are experiencing issues while using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)? Some of Microsoft's security changes to their latest browser may affect the performance of some SCORM pages. This is a universal problem encountered that is not unique to Informetica. Some of our most commonly reported issues include:

  • Frozen courseware
  • Failure to record results
  • Decreased functionality of interactive elements (such as exit buttons) 

We've listed a few solutions below that may help you. These solutions must be done client-side, either by your end users or within the SCORM content files. If you don't see your 3rd party courseware program listed below, contact your software vendor and to see if they have a solution. 

Compatibility Mode

Users can change their version of IE11 to an older version using compatibility mode.

Use a Different Browser

Users can attempt the course on a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Articulate Storyline

Update 4 was released to fix an issue where content doesn't play when viewed it on your local hard drive in IE11. 

Articulate Studio '09

Update 10 was released to fix issues where content won't track in an LMS when viewed in IE11. The link also contains steps to update existing LMS content created in Studio '09.