Product Completion Rules on Desktop

Traditionally, access to Completion Rules was only visible to Site Managers. With a new update, the Informetica LMS can now give the course author account types Campus Admin and Publisher the ability to view and modify product completion rules directly from their desktop. The product completion rules will only be available for products accessible by the account. Product access is defined by user type permissions as well as enrollments, such as campuses, user groups, and products.

Update Details

Affected Accounts

This update affects account types that can author courses:

  • Campus Admins (entity_type 13)
  • Publishers (entity_type 3)


New Menu Item

If you decide to activate this customization, the following is what your course authors will see:
A new item has been added to the Properties menu that can be used to access the completion rules. A course author can access this by choosing to edit any item in their Course Menu by clicking on the wrench icon. From there they can hit the ‘Edit’ button on a particular course.

Step 1new-menu-itemStep 2

This will open the Content Editor, and now under ‘Properties’ the course author has access to ‘Completion Rules’.


They can now edit the rules. After saving they will be sent back to the Content Editor page.


NOTE: This new functionality is a configuration option and is disabled by default, but a client can request that it be enabled for one or both account types as desired (Campus Admin and Publisher).