Updates to Course Descriptions for Catalogues and Storefront

We have improved functionality for updating course descriptions in course catalogues and storefronts. 


The descriptions for internal course catalogues and storefronts are now separate descriptions. Now you can have a different course description for the internal course catalogue and the storefront item. Both descriptions were previously updated and shared a from the course catalogue. 

  1. Descriptions in the catalogue now affect only the internal catalogue description. Product > Catalogue > Edit Catalogue Description.

  2. You can now update descriptions directly in the storefront item. Descriptions in the storefront now affect only the storefront description. Product > Storefront > Edit (Site Manager only)


Storefront Categories

When updating a storefront description, categories were not always retained and multiple categories were not saving in the specified display order. 

  1. Categories are now saved in the expected order.
  2. Categories are no longer removed when editing the description unless they are actually changed.

Site Manager > Library > Products > Storefront > Edit Store Item