Changes to How You Edit and Preview Assets

The Manage Assets page has been updated to make the user experience more intuitive and streamline available page actions. This update will be available on preview sites on  Friday, October 29th, 2021 and on live sites on November, 3rd, 2021. This update affects account types that can manage or grade content. Please see below for more details.

Update Details


  • The edit split button no longer shows a Grade option when there is nothing to grade. 
  • The edit split button no longer contains a View option.
  • The asset names now open a preview of the asset; the name no longer links to the edit page. 
  • Editing an asset's content is now possible only using the edit button.
  • Account types that do not need access to the split button options no longer see the split button.


Previewing an Asset

Asset names no longer link to the edit page. Selecting an asset name now opens a preview of the asset when there is a preview available.  Assets that have previews available show the title as a link with a launch icon. If there is no preview available, then the asset name will not be selectable. The preview popup shows content on the page but doesn't show items such as affidavits, prerequisites, and completion rules. Those items can be accessed from the edit screen.manage-assets-preview-popup

Instructor Grade Button

The grade option in the Edit split button no longer shows when there is nothing to grade. This means that the instructor account no longer needs the split button and will only see a Grade button for items that can be manually graded.


The grade option now only shows in the following conditions:

  • Modules that have a passing grade completion rule
  • Tests that have essay questions
  • Assignments

Affected Accounts

This update affects account types that can manage or grade content:

  • Site Managers (entity_type 2)
  • Publishers (entity_type 3)
  • Instructors (entity_type 4)
  • Campus Admins (entity_type 13)