Potential Chrome Issue With SCORM

Please Be Advised of a potential SCORM issue with an upcoming Google Chrome update that will affect users.  

We would like to inform you of an issue we were recently notified of regarding an upcoming Google Chrome update that will affect users.

The upcoming release will remove the ability of scripts to perform synchronous requests during the before unload and unload events of a page.

How Will You Be Affected?

There is potential that your learner progress will not be reflected, and/or saved if the browser tab/window is closed directly. This is due to the new feature blocking any final synchronous requests to the LMS upon closing the tab/window.

What can you do?

Users on Chrome browsers can disable the feature, and it will work as it previously had.

      Please refer to these documentation links from the Chrome Platform for details on the feature and upcoming release dates.
      • https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/4664843055398912

      Also, please inform your users to “always” click the exit button - SCORM communication with the LMS is prone to errors when exited incorrectly. By exiting your SCORM properly, you can ensure your completion status is tracked.

      It is recommended from the information that we received to make sure that all of your SCORM has exits, and you provide warnings to your users (on your homepage or within SCORM) to never exit out of a course without a proper process because they will lose their data.