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A Learning Management Solution for the Transportation Industry

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The Informetica learning management system (LMS/LCMS) helps organizations in the transportation industry, such as airports and trucking companies, recruit and develop employees, retain a powerful workforce, monitor compliance, and ensure that a safety culture is highly respected. Transportation has the challenge of a highly mobile workforce that may not readily have access to a computer coupled with the need to ensure a safe working environment where the environment can change hourly, resulting in a need for personnel to easily absorb training materials so that they can quickly get back on the job. Informetica enables our clients to improve personnel performance, reduce training costs, and deliver training to ensure that industry standards and compliance are being met.

Informetica is a powerful platform for the transportation industry to:

  • Create a centralized training program for all employees (e.g. workers, trainers, and managers) so that the same content is delivered no matter where the worker is located, even on the road
  • Develop procedures to ensure that workers and supervisors understand safety requirements 
  • Recruit, train, develop, and retain a highly qualified workforce 
  • Manage and administer requalification requirements 
  • Manage your entire learner population and training programs from a single web-assessible system
  • Reduce the expense of lost time injuries through compliancy and certification training
  • Train more quickly and efficiently, no matter the level of a worker's computer competency
  • Distribute new policies and procedures effectively and efficiently
  • Capture valuable information from a worker before retirement and provide best practices for succession planning
  • Ensure that workers are aware of and compliant with hazards and safety procedures before conducting a dangerous task
  • Reduce expenses significantly, both directly and indirectly by proving compliance and by reducing lost time in production and reducing insurance rates, as well as providing recruitment tools to ensure that you're hiring and promoting the best people for the job


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