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An LMS Solution for the Call Centre Industry

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The Informetica learning management system (LMS/LCMS) helps call centres keep employees productive and satisfied, while meeting performance and service standards. Call centres have the challenge of balancing service levels with fluctuating call volumes coupled with dynamic staffing concerns, resulting in a need for quickly trained personnel who can effectively juggle multiple task requirements. Informetica enables our clients to improve personnel performance, reduce training time, and  deliver training to all of their employees and partners quickly and effectively.

Informetica is a powerful platform for call centres to:

  • Create a centralized training program for employees, no matter their location
  • Reduce training time
  • Improve caller satisfaction by having a staff armed with improved knowledge
  • Manage your entire learner population and training programs from a single web-assessible system
  • Train unskilled employees in a high turnover environment
  • Enhance current employee skills 
  • Create reductions in call centre staff turnover
  • Increase customer satisfaction and average call time
  • Pool the knowledge of your employees with higher levels of education, experience, or training
  • Assess job candidates who can cope with the pressures of call centre work
  • Improve employee productivity by delivering off-phone activities during idle time 
  • Assess employee performance
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