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An LMS Solution for the Construction & Mining Industries - Safety, Training, Compliance

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The Informetica learning management system (LMS/LCMS) helps organizations in the construction and mining industries take responsible actions to develop a culture dedicated to safety by ensuring that all policies, procedures, and consistent training is provided to everyone in the company. By incorporating policies concerning accidents, injuries, and near-misses into the Informetica system, companies in these industries demonstrate that their safety and health performance is a top priority. Construction and mining have the challenge of dealing with hazardous environments and training workers for specific equipment and safety practices, resulting in a need for personnel to comply with workplace safety practices. Informetica enables our clients to meet their top priority of safety, a value that is fundamental to meeting the industry target of achieving zero lost-time incidents.

Informetica is a powerful platform for the construction and mining industries to:

  • Ensure that workers are compliant with hazards and safety procedures before conducting a dangerous task
  • Develop your own database of safety documentation, assessments, and training to provide measurable results 
  • Empower workers to exceptional safety performance and motivate subcontractors to work safely and adopt your company's commitment to safety and health
  • Provide consistent and thorough employee orientation materials 
  • Create pre-job safety instructions and planned safety content
  • Measure and document unsafe practices
  • Provide safety inspections and checklists
  • Analyze accident causes, determine areas that need to be addressed, and establish actions to prevent recurrence
  • Reduce operating costs and increase productivity because less time is lost to accidents
  • Reduce the expense of lost time injuries through compliancy and certification training
  • Capture valuable information from a worker before retirement and provide best practices for succession planning
  • Access critical information for all workers, supervisors, safety committees, safety trainers, and construction or mine managers
  • Develop procedures to ensure that workers and supervisors understand safety requirements 
  • Recruit, train, develop, and retain a highly qualified workforce 
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