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Informetica offers a complete built-in storefront eCommerce solution that allows you to place your own eLearning content and products as well as that of any of your partners on the site for retail sale.  You can sell individual courses and bundles of courses, as well as offline items, such as training material, text books, registrations to events and more. You are able to create different prices for different partner’s courses and offer discount codes.  Informetica’s eCommerce module offers a full range of its own reports and can be an essential tool to help you realize a strong return on investment for your training goals and objectives, even so far as offering your training to partners. Multiple store fronts can be supported on your Informetica subscription license.

 Additional Benefits

 Complete Shopping Cart Functionality

  • Credit card processing

  • Secure transaction encryption

  • Item numbers and descriptions


  • Set discounts
  • Apply by product line, item %, or entire order
  • Promotion codes
  • Tracking


  • Reports on pending, declined, approved orders, and all orders
  • Order detail by number, date range, payment status, or type
  • Export reports


  • Unlimited number of different group configurations on each campus
  • Unlimited number of campuses
  • Mix and match eCommerce configuration with registration-only modes
  • State and Provincial tax calculations
  • Shipping types and weights
  • Multiple course registration on one transaction
  • Mulitple person registration on one transaction

 Class/Course Materials Set-Up

  • Item numbers
  • Increments/basis
  • Price/Weight

Pricing Interface

  • Sets billing codes
  • Sets weights
  • Sets price

Product Lines

  • Product codes, names and types
  • Catalog integration with the LMS engine

Merchant Account Set-Up

  • Credit card processor
  • Merchant ID and PIN designation
  • Vendor and partner Identifications

Registration-Only Mode 

  • Student registration for one or more courses with no payment required

  • Configurable to have approval required to complete registration  

Download a complete list Informetica's capabilities and user privileges here: User Roles and Permissions Comparison.

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