Key Benefits of Informetica

Informetica LMS Benefits

Increase Learner Engagement with Streamlined Training

Informetica makes it easy to manage and report on your organization’s learning activities, provides an effective way to keep track of individual skills and competencies, and gives you access to learning content at any time.

Informetica's content management allows you to create, reuse, locate, deliver, manage, and improve learning content. Informetica also includes talent and skills management tools to help recruit and retain staff, identify training requirements and deploy specific training tracks in order to ensure a strong workforce.

Learning Management Benefits

  • Capture your intellectual property so it can be delivered across your enterprise or different client groups
  • Protect corporate knowledge assets
  • Create unlimited user groups based on any demographic you require
  • Create unique campuses, each with their own branding, cataloguing, user groups, language, and automatic email alerts
  • Create access codes for your user groups so each can have its own registration process
  • Centralize training delivery and tracking for online courses across internal and external learner populations
  • Incorporate instructor-led courses 
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Increase learning utilization through end-to-end resource management
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Automate the certification process
  • Measure and track skills path and certification activities
  • Maintain your own system security automatically with full control of user password security settings and in assigning user rights, access and permissions 
  • Reduce course development costs 
  • Aid self paced and rapid learning 

Content Management Benefits

  • Create training courses in-house with easy-to-use course authoring tools
  • Upload instructor-led and eLearning courses created in-house or through 3rd party providers
  • Deliver training materials, standard operating procedures, manuals and other relevant need-to-know materials throughout the organization or for delivery to defined external parties such as contractors
  • Maintain a repository of all training materials for e-learning and instructor-led courses with only specific catalogues available to specific user groups
  • eCommerce for those clients wishing to sell their e-learning Courses
  • Define skills paths and career paths to build a stronger workforce
  • Maintain records of training delivered for compliance purposes
  • Automatically deliver evaluations, assessments, tests and exams to assess knowledge
  • Create certification paths
  • Automatically send certifications upon successful completion of specific course assets
  • Collaborate with other assigned users to develop best standards
  • Create recruitment assessments and processes to ensure your organization is hiring smart, promoting effectively, and capturing critical skills and talents 

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