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We understand that when you make an investment into a learning management system (LMS/LCMS), you need to know that you can count on it. Access to Informetica customer service and support is available via toll-free telephone, e-mail, or our electronic Service Request Support (SRS) system.

When you need contact us, you will talk directly to an Informetica developer or account manager who is intimately aware of the system’s functions and offers a wealth of information and experience in the system’s use.

You can have complete confidence not only in your purchase, but also in the company that stands behind it. Sencia's support is held to the same high standard we set for our technology products.


All support requests are treated in priority sequence, as we continually strive to ensure our clients have nothing but a positive experience in their use of Informetica. Because Informetica has been developed to offer the most intuitive, user-friendly interaction for users, we are pleased to say that we receive very few support calls.

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Project Management

Sencia’s 6 Step Methodology identifies the critical tasks that will help our team achieve all project goals as well as identify and manage risks and quality on a typical project. This well-developed  methodology is one reason for our 100% success rate in implementing systems on time and within budget for clients throughout the world.

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Sencia is focused on providing our clients with the tools and information that they need to manage their Informetica system. We provide personalized training both on-site and online.

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Branding and Customization

Informetica has been developed specifically with client customization in mind. Developed with a strong foundation of functionality coupled with a very flexible secondary architecture, we offer an exceptional amount of configurations that allow you to define exactly what you need to meet your training, brand identity, communication management objectives & processes.

System Updates

Informetica is continually being updated due to the demands of the industry and the diversity of our client base.  These updates are released free of charge. All updates are done automatically so you never need to worry about checking for the latest release. In the case of major system upgrades, a release date is announced. Client's can preview the upgrade prior to it going live.


While you’ll probably never need to use it, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected by the industry's best warranty. Informetica's functionality and custom development is guaranteed for the life of your license. In the instance that any system functionality developed by Sencia is compromised, it will be corrected at no charge to the client. 

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