An LMS for the Health Care Industry

LMS for healthcare

Learning Solutions for Health Care

Informetica helps organizations in the health care industry recruit, develop, and retain a powerful workforce so that they can concentrate on providing quality care to their communities.  Our clients are able to meet their goals of delivering quality care, training a complex workforce, increasing productivity, and minimizing risk using the Informetica Learning Management System.

Informetica is currently being used by all Community Care Access Centres across all Canadian provinces, with the exception of Quebec. In addition, doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical workers are using it for everything from drug trial application training to sales training.

Key Features and Benefits of Informetica LMS for Health Care Companies

  • Create a consistent training program across all departments, in any location
  • Develop a strong performance-driven culture through talent and performance management
  • Recruit, train, develop, and retain a highly qualified workforce
  • Increase your employee retention rate by improving employee proficiency, development, engagement, and satisfaction
  • Document employee compliance training, certifications and accreditation for health care laws and regulations
  • Assess employee performance, skill assessment, and eligibility for advancement
  • Perform analytics to help you meet your organization's goals and compliance
  • Manage your entire learner population and training programs from a single system
  • Develop your own database of policies, procedures, assessments, and training to provide measurable results
  • Empower employees to exceptional performance and motivate them to adopt your company's objectives
  • Provide consistent and thorough employee orientation materials
  • Reduce operating costs and increase productivity because less time is spent on training

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