Informetica Learning Management System News

Desktop Display of Courses

Posted on 1/11/2024 8:17:00 AM

Product Expirations Menu Display          

New options have been created to choose how you want expired products to display to the user in the Course menu.  Previously once a course had expired for a user the course would then be hidden from the menu and not longer accessible to the User. 

New Course Configuration Options

You can now choose how you want the Course to display on the menu according to Completion status upon expiry.  The available options include.

Do Not Display
This is Informetica’s default behavior for expired Courses.  The Course is hidden from the menu and the User can no longer access it.

Display – No Access
The expired course will remain displayed within the menu however the User will not be able to enter the Course by clicking on the Course title.

Display – Access
The User will be able to access the Course on the menu even though it has expired.


Incomplete menu action


Complete menu action


New Menu Legend and Expired Course Indication.

A new item in the menu Legend has been added for Expired Courses.  The new legend item displays how a user will see an expired Course in the Course menu is chosen to display after expiry.


Additional Improvements

Home Page Product Exception Banner - Pop Up List

The banner pop up list has been modified to display expired Courses with new expiry display rules.

Search Tool – Search Results

The search results list has been modified to display expired Courses with new expiry display rules.

Transcript - Product Link

The user’s transcript product title links have been modified to display expired Courses with new expiry display rules.

Catalog - Product Status Display

The Course Catalog product list has been modified to display expired Courses with new expiry display rules.

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Import Tool - Notification

Posted on 1/11/2024 7:59:00 AM

Import tool - Enrollments Notification

The ability to send Product Enrollment email notifications from an Enrollment Import in Informetica has been added.  This feature will allow you to automatically send up to 500 when completing an Enrollment import allowing you a more convenient way of getting those notifications to your User’s

Update Details

Users Affected

  • Site Administrators

Import Affected

  • User Product Registration Import

How to Trigger Enrollment Notifications

Now on step 5 of the User Product Registration Import you will see a new button to ‘Email Product Enrollments’.  By clicking this button Informetica will send a copy of the Product Enrollment email to 500 Users being imported. 


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R213 Enrollment Report Enhance

Posted on 1/11/2024 7:49:00 AM

R213 Enrollment Report Enhancements

The R213 Product Enrollments report has been updated to display each User’s Product completion status (Started, Non-started, Completed and Expired).  In addition, Product Completion status total counts have been added to the summary both in numerical and graphical form.  

Update Details

Reports Affected

  • R213 Product Enrollments (All output formats)

Report Summary

The report summary has been modified to give a snapshot view of the current status of enrollments of the chosen Course.  Each status has been included with a total number of enrollments and a percentage of the enrollments that currently have that completion status.

Not Started: Number of enrollments that have no User action.

Started:  Number of enrollments that Users have made progress on but have not completed.

Completed before expiry:  Enrollments that have completed before the enrollment expired for them.

Completed After Expiry:  Enrollments that have completed after the enrollment expired.

Expired:  Enrollments that have expired before the report generation.


Addition Columns

The following columns have been added to the report as listed below:

User Custom Field 1:  as shown on the Learner’s account page

User Custom Field 2:  as shown on the Learner’s account page

User Custom Field 3: as shown on the Learner’s account page

COUNTRY: as shown on the Learner’s account page

CAMPUSES: The campuses will list under one field of the report, similar to User Groups.  Therefore, Campuses and User Groups will not be sortable in excel or CSV formats.

EXPIRY DATE/TIME: Shows the initial expiry date of the product

ALLOWABLE NUMBER OF DAYS: Shows the number of days the Participant/Learner had to complete the product with the initial rules. This does not include additional days for exceptions.



o COMPLETE before expiry

  • Completed prior to the expiration time that was set in the product. This means if the product was set at completion date of 40 days and the Learner did not complete the product, then it shows as “COMPLETED before expiry”

o COMPLETE after expiry

Completed after the expiry date that was set in the product. This means if the product was set at completion date of 40 days and the Learner did not complete the product but was able to complete it AFTER that date, then it shows as “COMPLETED after expiry”

o STARTED A status of “started” means that prior to the expiration date, the Participant started the product but did not complete the product.

o NOT STARTED A status of “Not Started” means that prior to the expiration date, the Participant shows no activity in the product.

o EXPIRED A status of “Expired” shows for every participant that did not meet the expiration date of the product. This is true even if an exception has been granted.

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R223 Report User Status Filter

Posted on 1/11/2024 7:38:00 AM

R223 User Status Filter 

The R223: Group Training Path Progress report has been updated with a new filter.  As User Status filter has been added to the report to allow a reporting user to report solely based on a User’s status (All, Registered, Registration pending and Inactive).

Update Details

A drop-down list for User Status has been added to step 3 of the Report wizard for R223: Group Training Path Progress report.  This allows a reporting user to further narrow down the report’s results with User status in mind.


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201 Report - Learner Record

Posted on 1/11/2024 7:29:00 AM

New Report - R201 Group Participant Record overview  

A new report has been added to Informetica.  The R201 Group Participant Record Overview report has been created to provide a record overview sorted by selected user(s) to review their product enrollment status.  This report will show any selected User’s Product enrollment statuses and completion dates.

Update Details

Users Affected

  • All reporting Users

Report Wizard Filters

User Filter: Select the Users you would like to see enrollment information for.


R201 Results View


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Report Dashboard for Managers

Posted on 1/11/2024 7:16:35 AM

 Desktop Manager Report Dashboard     

Informetica has a great new feature added.  Once this feature is enabled you will have the ability to display a reports summary on your Campus Admin Homepage.  This gives the Campus Admin an overview of the report you add upon login where the information is most needed.

Update Details

Affected Users

  • Campus Administrators (entity_type13)
  • Site Managers

Report Summary Dashboard

When enabled a Site Administrator is able to use a Saved Report Search to display the report summary on the Campus Administrators home page.  Currently this development works best with R213 Product Enrollments however it should work with any standardized report.


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Managing Import Logs

Posted on 1/11/2024 6:37:00 AM


Informetica’s Import log has bee revised.  We have moved our Import log data into a complete management list. Doing so now provides you with more information as Import Type, import date, and how many records were updated versus created.  As with the old Import log listing, you still have the ability to delete, archive or download the selected Import log file.

Users affected

  • Site Administrators

Import Log Management List

Previously the Import log was a simple listing found on the right-hand side of the Site Administrators Import Screen.  It consisted of a list to Import log CSV file along with the options to Archive or delete.  We have expanded this functionality to now be contain in a management list common through out Informetica. The new management list now allows for filtering and sorting of the Import Log list to narrow the results to help you find the log you are looking for faster. 

To access the new Import Log, you will now see a link ‘Import Log’ link in place of the old Import Log list on the right-hand side of the Import Screen


Clicking on the link will bring you to the new management list.


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213 Enroll Rpt Required Assets

Posted on 1/10/2024 3:25:00 PM

R213 Product Enrollments has another new update!  This time we have given the report the ability to display assets required for Product completion.  Added to the report are such data points as Asset name, type, completion date grade and passed/completed/failed indicators.  This will allow reporting Users to see User progress towards completion and which assets are required to satisfy the Products completion rules.

Columns Added

  • Required Asset for Completion – Name of the Asset required for Product completion in the Product’s completion rules.
  • Asset Type – What type of asset if being required (module, SCORM, Prova test, etc)
  • Completion Date – Date in which the Participant has completed the Asset.
  • Grade – If a grade is available for the asset, a percentage value will be displayed here if the Participant has completed the Asset.
  • Passed – Passed/Completed/Failed indicator

New Asset Results

For each Product in the report results we have added an expander under the Product name to display the Products Require Assets for completion.



Within each enrollment result will be another expander Under Required Assets.  Once expanded you will see the Users progress on each of the required assets.




User Filter

A new User filter has also been added on step 3 of the Report Wizard for R213 Product Enrollment report.   This filter will allow the reporting User to filter results by Name, User type and User status.




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Scheduling Tool - Absentees

Posted on 1/10/2024 2:27:00 PM

More detailed absentee tracking has been added to Informetica’s Scheduled Courses.  Scheduled Courses can be Instructor-led/classroom courses or webinars.  With this new feature you can choose to place a comment on the User’s Scheduled course enrollment from a pre-define list of comments chosen by you.  This data can then be viewed as a new column on the Enrolled User’s manage list or the Preset Report R224 Scheduled Course Enrollments.

Update Details


The ability to place an Absent Note on a user will be placed on the Schedule Tool Enrolled Users screen. Using the selection functionality of the Enrolled Users management list an Administrator can add a note to one or many selected Users by clicking the ‘Add Absent Note to Selected’ button under options in the Options Menu.


Once the ‘Add Absent Note to Selected’ button is clicked the user will be prompted with a modal window to select a reason the User(s) were absent.


Enrolled User Management List Modifications

The Enrolled Users Management List will has been modified to now display the Absent Note. This column is sortable with a filter option present under the filters tab.


R224 Report Wizard Modifications

An Absent Note filter has been added to Step three of the Report Wizard for Report R224


R224 Output Modifications

R224 has been modified to display the Absent Note filter and data in both the Report Summery and report results. This modification is the same on the HTML, Excel and CSV versions of the report output.



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Exception Improvements

Posted on 11/11/2022 5:00:00 PM

Sencia has improved the Informetica LMS with respect to reporting and data entry with the Product Exception features. There is now full traceability of data manipulation of the Product and Asset Exceptions.  This includes the recording of the account who creates, edits or deletes an exception with the date and time they performed this action.  This information is displayed to the administrator visually in Informetica and available on report outputs. 

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